wildflower painting

Mastrius Master Artist Invite

Do you ever come to a point in your art journey where you need someone to run ideas and questions by and get some honest, helpful feedback on your work?     I know I do!    And I believe skill, nuance, and creative thinking are best shared person-to-person.

So I’m EXCITED TO SHARE that I have been asked to MENTOR a small group of artists with @mastrius.official! ✨.

They bring motivated artists together from all over the world to be trained and supported in their creative talent.

Our mentorship group will really dig into the techniques of painting, such as color and composition.    In our group, you, me, and up to just 7 other artists will meet together ONLINE monthly.    We’ll tackle the hurdles and challenges you face as artists and in your own individual art practices.    I’ll help boost your skill and confidence by assigning homework tailored to your specific goals.

Between sessions you’ll work on the homework I’ve assigned, supported and encouraged by the artists in your group.    There’s a lot I’ve learned about art, creativity, and working as an artist over the years. 🧠    I’d love to SHARE IT and to walk alongside you in this next stage of your creative journey.

Want to join me??

👉 MORE INFO at @mastrius.official or Mastrius.com.