Every day for the month of February I painted a different Skerries scene and posted it on my Instagram and Facebook pages.   This was a follow on from the January Challenge I had done with Strada Easel, to paint a daily painting from life.   Over 800 artists took part in the challenge and at the end 20 winners were announced, and I was delighted to be one of them.
I thought it would be great for February, to paint something from my daily walk around Skerries, during the 5K lockdown.   This lockdown has been a challenge for most people’s mental health, myself included.   I am trying to get out of the house and exercise like everyone else.  It is strange to see all the hairdressers, jewellers, florists bars and boutiques closed.   It was walking past so many struggling businesses that inspired me to paint them.
My Gallery in Skerries Mill’s Courtyard has been closed during the lockdown too, so I understand first hand how difficult it has been for business owners.   I wanted to give all these businesses a boost on social media, to remind everyone we are still here, and we appreciate everyone who is buying online and keeping us going until lockdown is over and we can open again…whenever that is.
It struck me how many beautiful shopfronts we have in Skerries and I had never really looked at them before.   So most of the 28 paintings capture the colours and signage of the local businesses
Some iconic Skerries scenes too.
All paintings were painted in oils on 6″ x 6″ (15x15cm) or 6′ x 8″ (15x20cm) boards.
I have to say a great bit thank you to everyone who bought paintings and supported me in these strange times.   I have plans for a Skerries shopfront calendar and maybe a few prints, so keep an eye out for when they are available.   Any paintings that were not bought during the challenge are available on my website.  Click below to see more……