cotton blanket abundance 1

Introducing my luxurious cotton blankets inspired by my original oil paintings.

As a passionate Irish artist, I’ve always been driven by the desire to share my artistic vision, and now, I’m thrilled to unveil my latest collection of luxurious cotton blankets, to showcase the vibrant colours and evocative scenes of my original oil paintings.

These blankets are more than just a cosy addition to your home, they are a tangible representation of my work, brought to life through the warmth and comfort of cotton. Each piece is woven using the highest quality techniques, ensuring that the intricate details of my paintings are faithfully reproduced.

They are the perfect companions for cosy evenings curled up on the couch, or picnics in the park and they offer a unique way to bring my art into your everyday life.

I hope that you will enjoy adding these unique and special pieces to your home, and that they will bring you as much joy as they have brought to me.

Available Now

My collection of luxury cotton blankets is available now on my website and each blanket is individually packaged.  I invite you to explore my collection and find the blanket that speaks to your heart.  There are 3 designs so there is a blanket for every taste and style.

Thank you for supporting my art and for welcoming my blankets into your homes.