I am looking forward to taking part in the Strada Easel Challenge 2021 this September.   This image is of my paintings from their Challenge in January 2021 in which over 800 artists participated.

The challenge is to paint one painting each day from life in September and post it to social media with the hashtag #stradaeasel and the day it was painted, i.e. day 1 #stradaeasel for the first day and so on (the painting does not have to be finished in one day just post progress each day).   With amazing prizes for anyone who completes the challenge including Strada Easels, brush sets (which I won in January) and art supplies.

So I have been busy getting my boards gessoed and primed, and a few ideas in my notebook for subjects to paint during the challenge.

I usually keep them small, about 6″ x 8″, and in February I did mostly still life, which I love to paint anyway.   It is a great exercise to get into daily painting and the momentum to get organised.   I really see an improvement in my paintings by the end of the challenge and encourage all artists to give it a go, you will see the benefits in your work too!

All the paintings I paint during the challenge will be available from my website auction starting at €75.   So a great opportunity to start your art collection at an affordable price.

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