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Weeds Will Do

Usually at this time of year I am a frequent shopper in the local florist. With so many flowers to choose from to paint. Unfortunately no florists are open now so I am short of inspiration for my still life studies. Dandelions II - 8" x 10" oil on board But there are plenty of beautiful dandelions to keep me going. available here

Mango Chutney!

Working on a few postcard size paintings in the evenings. Curry just wouldn't be the same without mango chutney! Buy Now

Workshops – a few spaces available

Demo Painting from our last Peony Workshop. Delighted that the first two new dates for workshops are not fully booked. A few still available in the Peonies Workshop on Saturday 29th February and the Landscape Workshop on 21st March. If you would like to join me for a great day out go to the booking page on my website where there is lots of information [...]

5 Steps To A Successful Painting

I put this together to show everyone my five simple steps to a successful painting. Hope you find it useful. Paint the blank canvas in a base colour (this is called a ground)Paint in the lines of the rule of thirds to help your compositionDraw in roughly (with paint) your subjectBlock in colours with a large brush/knifeBuild up detail with a smaller brush/knifeCheck your painting [...]

Paintings from the Couch

All normal plans are on hold as I am laid up until Christmas. With Art Source in the RDS fast approaching I had to get the paints out and get painting. The cupboards were raided and all the iconic bottles were lined up for a variety of still life paintings on 6" x 8" panels. Easy to paint on the couch. The fridge was next... [...]

Sunny-Side Up!

On the easel today was "Sunny-side Up". I am working from home this week and running out of props. This egg was going in the bin so I grabbed it. Using my Alla Prima pochade box as my easel, made in the USA, its a piece of art in itself, Expensive, but I absolutely love it. It is my new baby!! Click here to purchase [...]

Conkers and Crutches

"Conkers" 6" x 8" oil on board I am making the most of "resting up" and working on small still life studies this week. We collected these conkers at St Stephen's Green last weekend. They were falling off the trees and hitting everyone. It was hilarious. All the children were running to collect them. It was nice to see the old tradition of playing conkers [...]

Garlic Still Life

I am laid up with a sore knee so painting from home. Looking around the kitchen I spotted these garlic and thought I would give them a go. Love painting small. "Garlic" is available HERE if you would like to purchase it.

Dos Cortado (two coffees)