Last September I went to Holland for a masterclass in Plein Air painting and I promised myself when I got home, I would continue painting en plein air. But life takes over and between teaching and exhibitions I had to put it on the back burner……until now…..

I have finished courses early this year to be able to paint for the month of May all around Skerries and if everything goes to plan there will be an exhibition and book of my May painting project in plein air mid June.

In the first week I managed to get out three days with the weather so nice, it has been very windy but sunny.

Day two ……. Skerries Harbour looking fabulous.

Molly enjoying the dig!

Day 3 …………..South beach Skerries.

South beach Skerries

If you would like invites for the official opening in mid June please contact me here with your details.

Hope to see you there.